Prof. Dr. Dieter Frey

Fields of knowledge: Economics, Sociology, Psycology, Economics

Prof. Dr. Dieter Frey, born 1946 in Baiersbronn; studied social sciences in Mannheim and Hamburg; 1978 to 1993 Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Kiel; 1998 to 1999 Theodor Heuss Professor at the graduate faculty of the “New School for Social Research” in New York; since 1993 Professor of Social and Economic Psychology in Munich; main research areas: Social psychology, organisational psychology, economic psychology; he combines basic research, applied research and application of research; member of the “Bayerischen Akademie der 16  Wissenschaften”, Academic Director of the Bavarian EliteAcademy, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Education of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.


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