Dr. Bernhard Dietz

Fields of knowledge:

Dr. Bernhard Dietz has been an academic researcher since 2010. He works at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz in the DFG project "Historische Wertewandelsforschung" (Historical Value Change Research) and investigates value change processes in the field of work for entrepreneurs and executives in the 20th century. In this context, he is also interested in theoretical and methodological questions concerning the historization of social science results and categories.

Short vita

After studying philosophy, German studies and modern history at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and a year abroad at the University of Sussex, Brighton, he spent four years researching and teaching in London in 2005. In 2010, he was honoured with the work "Neo-Tories. British Conservatives in the Uprising against Democracy and Political Modernity (1929-39)" at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He has been a research fellow at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz since 2010 and was a guest lecturer at the University of Glasgow in 2012.

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