Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Bruno S. Frey

Fields of knowledge: Ökonomie, Politik, Gesellschaft, Weitere Wissensbereiche

I deal with current problems in society and apply economics to non-economic areas: politics (economic theory of politics and international political economy), environment, family, conflict, history and art as well as theory of economic politics. For some time now, I have also been combining economics and psychology, in particular happiness research and the economics of awards. I have become known above all through research on the displacement of intrinsic motivation by external intervention (monetary incentives or regulations) and the further development of federalism towards federal political bodies (FOCJ = Functional Overlapping Competing Jurisdictions).

Short vita

Studied economics at the University of Basel and received his doctorate "summa cum laude" in 1965. 1969 Habilitation at the University of Basel. 1970 - 2011 Associate Professor at the University of Basel; 1970 - 1977 Full Professor at the University of Konstanz; 1977 - 2012 Full Professor of Economics at the University of Zurich. 1990 - 1991 Visiting Research Professor at Graduate School of Business University of Chicago; 2010 - 2013 Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Science at the Warwick Business School of the University of Warwick; 2012 - 2015 Senior Professor of Political

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