Prof. Dr. Dominik H. Enste

Fields of knowledge: Wirtschaft, Ökonomie, Ethik

His interdisciplinary, scientific analyses focus on the topics of trust and social capital; responsibility and ethics; life satisfaction and happiness. He looks at these from the perspectives of economics, sociology, business ethics and economic and social psychology. The aims of his diverse publications, lectures and radio and television contributions are to provide scientifically sound, fact-based, practice-relevant orientation for companies, science, politics and society.

 (Perceiving x wanting x knowledge) Values = Change. Values determine the direction of change.  

Short Vita

Prof. Dr. Dominik H. Enste, born 1967, is Professor of Business Ethics at the TH Köln, Managing Director of the IW Akademie GmbH and Head of the Competence Field at the” Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln” as well as a member of the jury of the Research Prize at the Roman Herzog Institute. After training as a banker, he studied at the University of Cologne and Trinity College in Dublin. He then completed his doctorate at the University of Cologne and was a visiting scholar at George Mason University in Fairfax. After working for savings banks, management consultancies and insurance companies, he moved to the Institute of the German Economy in Cologne in 2003 as a scientist and manager. He has been teaching at various universities since 1996 and is a lecturer at the University of Cologne. Since 2012 he has been Managing Director of the “IW Akademie für Integres Wirtschaften”, where he has trained executives from DAX 30 companies in 100 seminars.

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