Dr. Judith Niehues

Fields of knowledge: Wirtschaft, Soziologie

Judith Niehues conducts research at the Institute of the German Economy primarily on questions relating to income and wealth distribution as well as subjective distribution assessments. Its expertise lies above all in the evaluation of national and international household survey data, which can be used to compare prevailing opinion formers with representative data. In addition, it strengthens the use of microdata and the development of methods in the Institute of the German Economy.

Short vita

Born 1982 in Münster, Germany

2002 to 2007 Studies in Economics at the University of Cologne and the San Diego State University in the USA

subsequently doctoral studies at the Graduiertenkolleg SOCLIFE at the University of Cologne and Research Affiliate at the Institute for the Future of Work (IZA)

Doctorate on income inequality and state redistribution under Prof. Dr. Clemens Fuest and Prof. David A. Jaeger, PhD

since 2011 at the Institute of the German Economy

until May 2017 Senior Economist in the field of competence "Public Finance, Social Security, Distribution

since 2015 Head of the Research Group Microdata

since May 2017 Head of the Method Development Department

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