Peter Paschek

Fields of knowledge: Ökonomie, Leadership, Weitere Wissensbereiche, Soziologie

My work focuses on the tasks and responsibilities of elites in shaping a "bearable society" (Peter Drucker) in the present and in the past. Elites defined as leadership groups that have the power to decisively determine the preservation and change of the social structure and the value orientations that support it. My central questions are as follows:

- What is a functioning society?

- What is the responsibility of economic managers as a leading social group and what are the limits of this responsibility?

- How must the political culture of a functioning society be shaped and how can ideals and reality be reconciled in this context?

- What kind of education does the business elite need?

To this day, the understanding of management education has been shaped too little by Humboldt's 'knowledge of the world' and too much by an 'educational goal', which Max Weber described as 'dressing' for practical usefulness. (Peter Paschek)

Short vita

Peter Paschek (born 1949 in Homberg/Niederrhein, today Duisburg) studied social sciences and economics in Germany, the UK and the USA (majoring in sociology, social philosophy and economics: Sociology, Social Philosophy, Economics - Degree: Dip. soc. oec. - 1976). From 1977 to 1979 research assistant at the Chair of Sociology I (Prof. Dr. J.C. Papalekas) of the Ruhr University Bochum. Active as a management consultant since 1980. After more than 20 years as managing partner at Delta Management Consultants GmbH, Paschek continued his work at the beginning of 2015 as a freelance management and personnel consultant. Through decades of cooperation with his teacher and friend Prof. Dr. Peter F. Drucker and through teaching activities at the University of St. Gallen and above all at the Technical University of Munich, Paschek has always remained closely associated with university teaching and research.  


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