Dr. Daniel Ehlebracht

Fields of knowledge: Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft, Soziologie, Psychologie

Daniel Ehlebracht's research focuses on the evolutionary and socio-cultural backgrounds of trust, cooperation, cynicism and social pessimism and their positive or negative consequences for individuals and society. By combining complex secondary data analyses and innovative experimental methods, he attempts to decipher the mode of action of the underlying mechanisms.

Short vita

After studying business administration at the University of Cologne, Daniel Ehlebracht received his doctorate there from 2010 to 2013 from the Chair of Economic and Social Psychology of Prof. Dr. Detlef Fetchenhauer. Since 2010 he supports the team of the chair in teaching and research, since 2014 as academic advisor. He is currently preparing his habilitation on "Determinants and consequences of trust and cynicism".  

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