Dr. Hans-Peter Klös

Fields of knowledge: Ökonomie

The ability to analyse the economy as a whole, which is characterised by an interest in knowledge, but which does not exclude other theoretical and methodological approaches. The decisive factor is whether and how a scientific approach continues in the search for action-relevant knowledge. The scientific statements are theoretically sound and, where methodologically and empirically possible, evidence-based. Modern methods of empirical economic and social research as well as in-depth analyses of the institutional and politico-economic conditions of economic developments are part of the tools.

Value-based economic reason is well-understood regulatory policy.

Short vita

1984-1988 Studies of economics at the University of Marburg, 1985-1988 PhD at the Chair of Economic Policy at the University of Marburg. Since 1988 at the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Cologne, since 2001 Managing Director and Head of Education Policy and Labour Market Policy, since 2014 Managing Director and Head of Science. Member of the following scientific advisory boards and commissions, among others: Enquete Commission "Future of Work" of the State Parliament of Rhineland-Palatinate, Expert Commission "Demographic Change in Saxony" of the Minister President of the Free State of Saxony, Expert Commission for the Eighth Family Report of the Federal Government, Commission "Future of the World of Work" of the Robert Bosch Foundation, Enquete Commission "Sustainability of Public Budgets in NRW under the Conditions of the Debt Brake and Demographic Change in the Decade 2020 to 2030" (Tragfähigkeit der öffentlichen Haushalte in NRW unter den Bedingungen der Schuldenbremse und des demographischen Wandels in der Dekade 2020 bis 2030).  


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