Dr. Susanne Seyda

Fields of knowledge: Ökonomie, Demographie, Politik

The scientific work focuses on the analysis of the causes of population decline, the presentation of future challenges, especially in the labour market, and the development of political recommendations for action. Firstly, the state institutions that form the framework for individual decisions on family formation, labour market participation, distribution of tasks within the family, etc. are examined. Secondly, family factors influencing the human capital formation (education and health) of children are analysed, and thirdly, the impact of personnel policy instruments on a better compatibility of family and career is investigated.


Short Vita

Susanne Seyda, born 1972 in Cologne, studied economics in Cologne, doctorate in Bochum, since 2002 at the “Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft” Köln, Senior Economist for Population and Family Economics in the field of education policy and labour market policy.


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