Dr. Alexandra von Winning

Fields of knowledge: Wirtschaft, Politik, Ethik, Weitere Wissensbereiche

Dr. Alexandra von Winning moves between theory and practice. Her research on CSR management is based on the insight that responsibility in and by companies depends on how incentive-compatible the framework conditions are for the actors involved. This approach always offers her a helpful heuristic for designing productive and sustainable processes in her stakeholder-oriented management consulting. 

Short Vita

Dr. Alexandra von Winning advises companies, associations, federations and NGOs on sustainability and CSR. Her focus is on the dialogue-based development of strategy maps and the design of dialogue processes. She studied business administration at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich before obtaining her doctorate in incentive-compatible CSR management in HalleWittenberg. Dr. von Winning currently lives in Cairo, after having spent several years in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Jakarta, Mexico City and Caracas, where she was able to call her home.


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