Dr. Michael Zibrowius

Fields of knowledge: Wirtschaft, Bildung, Ausbildung

Michael Zibrowius deals with questions in the field of labour market research with a focus on vocational qualification and skilled workers. His work focuses on the empirical investigation of socioeconomic relationships: What does the future of vocational education and training in Germany look like against the background of demographic change and increasing academization? The answers lie in opening up new target groups, target group-oriented training marketing and the early recognition of revolutionary innovations.

Short Vita

Born in 1984 in Nuremberg, has studied international economics (diploma) in Nuremberg and Detroit, MI; graduated 2009-2013 scientific. Collaboration at the Chair for Statistics and Empirical Economic Research (Prof. Regina T. Riphahn, Ph.D.) Doctorate (Dr. rer. pol.) at the FriedrichAlexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg in the field of empirical labour market and migration 72  research 2013 Since 2014 Economist in the field of competence "Vocational Education and Training" at the Institute of the German Economy Cologne.

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