Dr. Marion Schmidt-Huber

Fields of knowledge: Wirtschaft, Leadership, Psychologie, Ökonomie

Dr. Marion Schmidt-Huber is equally active in science and practice: as a trainer, coach and research associate at the LMU Center for Leadership and People Management, she is involved in research on topics in the areas of leadership, leadership development, competence management and evaluations. As a consultant at A47 Consulting, she has been advising and supporting profit and nonprofit companies in the areas of personnel and executive development, management diagnostics and competence management since 2007.

Short Vita

Dr. Marion Schmidt-Huber, born 1979, studied business administration/banking in Heidenheim in cooperation with Dresdner Bank AG in Stuttgart, followed by a degree in psychology at the Universities of Trier and Mannheim. In 2011 she completed her doctorate at the University of Bielefeld (Dr. rer. nat.) in cooperation with A47 Consulting on the topic of effective leadership competencies.


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