Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel

Fields of knowledge: Wirtschaft, Ethik, Gesellschaft, Ökonomie

Professor Hemel is director of the Institute for Social Strategy, which deals with questions of common values, possibilities for action and limits of global civil society. What role can nation states, companies and global civil society play? In which society do we want to live? The Institute deals with these and similar questions and invites all interested parties to contact and cooperate.   

Short Vita

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel, born 1956 in Bensheim/Bergstraße, married, 3 children, studied Catholic theology, philosophy, economics and social sciences in Mainz and Rome (Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana). After working for The Boston Consulting Group, Paul Hartmann AG (last position: Chairman of the Board) and Süddekor GmbH, a private equity company, he runs his own companies (Rogg Verbandstoffe, Strategie und Wert GmbH) and, as founding director of the Institute for Social Strategy (Laichingen-Jena-Berlin), deals with issues of global civil society. He is also an associate professor of religious education at the Catholic Theological Faculty in Regensburg and Chairman of the Board of the Research Institute for Philosophy in Hanover. His work "Wert und Werte-Ethik für Manager" (Value and Value Ethics for Managers) was named Business Book of the Year by the Financial Times Deutschland in 2005.   

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