Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. rer. pol. Karl Homann

Fields of knowledge: Wirtschaft, Ökonomie, Theologie

As a trained philosopher and economist, Homann took over the first chair for business ethics in Germany in 1990. Based on the distinction between actions and conditions of action, between moves and rules of the game, he considers morality in the market economy with the systemic imperative of competition and profit striving to be fundamental, albeit by no means exclusive, in the rules of the game, in the framework. At present he is concerned with the dwindling acceptance of the market economy, its reasons, consequences and possible counter-strategies.

The market economy is so far the best-known means of achieving the solidarity of all people.

Short Vita    

1963-1972: Studied philosophy, Catholic theology, German language and literature; Dr. phil.    

1971-1979: Studied economics; Dr. rer. pol.

1985: Habilitation in Philosophy    

1986-1990: Professor of Economics and Philosophy, University Witten/Herdecke, Germany    

1990-1999: Professor of Business Ethics, Catholic University Eichstätt/Ingolstadt, Germany    

1999-2008: Professor of Philosophy and Economics, LMU Munich


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