Prof. em. Dr. phil. Günther Schmid

Fields of knowledge: Weitere Wissensbereiche

Until 2012/13: operational work in the fields of foreign, security and global policy. Subsequently pedagogical-scientific and consulting activities for institutions, foundations and companies in the fields of international politics and security, global regulatory issues as well as Chinese and Russian foreign policy. Retired in 2013

Short Vita

1970 to 1975: Studied political science (international politics), modern history and constitutional and international law at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (LMU) and abroad.

1975 Magister Artium

1978 Doctorate

1975 to 1984: Teaching and research activity as scientific assistant and lecturer at the Seminar for International Politics of the LMU (Chair Pr. Dr. Gottfried-Karl Kinderman), in addition to extensive teaching, lecturing and reviewing activities in the national and international field.

1985 to 2012: Federal Chancellery (see above)


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