Prof. Dr. med. habil. Dr. phil. habil. Reinhard Werth

Fields of knowledge: Psychologie

Neurobiological and psychological research is often methodologically inadequate and requires a scientific-theoretical - methodological examination. Neurobiological and psychological research results can only be adequately interpreted and innovative research approaches formulated on the basis of a methodologically sound foundation.   

Research combines theory of science, neurobiology and psychology. Current topics are: Diagnostics and therapy of reading disorders (dyslexia), neurobiological basics of vision, attention, consciousness and free will, diagnostics and therapy of performance losses after brain damage.    

Wrote 5 books and numerous essays on these topics.

What appears to us to be clear and unproblematic when viewed superficially often becomes a complex object of research in the light of methodological and empirical research, requiring a completely new perspective.


Short Vita

Reinhard Werth, born 1947 in Freiburg i. B., Professor of Medical Psychology at the University of Munich, studied Philosophy of Science, Biology and Psychology. Doctorate (Dr. phil.) in Philosophy of Science, Habilitation (Dr. med. habil.) in Medical Psychology, Habilitation (Dr. phil. habil.) in Philosophy of Science. Since 1985 Head of the Neuropsychological Department at the Institute for Social Pediatrics and Youth Medicine at the University of Munich. Retired in 2013 and head of research at Celeco GmbH, member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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